Email – Add Recipients from Query

This activity let’s you add recipients to an email, based on those records that come back in a query (optionally filtering to just related records). The use case for this is where you want to send a single email to a group of recipients (contacts, accounts, users, etc), but the recipients are dynamic based on the current record.

Note: When you use this activity to update a Draft email, to send the email you need to call the activity “Email – Send Saved Email”


  • When an opportunity closes, email the Stakeholders and Sales Team.
  • You have a workflow on an account to send an email, and you want to send it To everybody with a certain connection role, and CC everybody with a different role.

Input Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Default
Email to Update Email record The email to add the recipients to. {null}
Email Recipient Field Option Set The email field you want to add the recipients to (To, CC, BCC) To
Pick a System View to Use Saved Query record A CRM view which was created as a system view. These are typically included with CRM out of the box or in other solutions. {null}
or pick a Personal View to Use User Query record A CRM view which was created as a personal view. {null}
or enter FetchXML to Use Text A CRM query represented by FetchXML. If you copy and paste it from CRM, make sure to remove all the line breaks before you paste it in or CRM may cut off the text and the query won’t be valie. {null}

Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Number of Recipients Added Whole Number The number of records added as recipients in this activity.