Math – Analyze Data Query

This activity will take a query, with the first column a numeric field, and return numerical analysis of the data set. All numeric types will work, including whole number, decimal, double, float or Money.

Given a query, Analyze Data Set will return the Mean, Median, Max and Min values, and the Standard Deviation (if there’s more than one value).

If you specify Significant Digits and Decimal Places, decimal places will be evaluated first.

Input Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Default
Number of Significant Digits Option Set For all returned values, the number of significant digits to be included. {not specified}
Number of Decimal Places Option Set For all returned values, the number of decimal places to be included. {not specified}
Pick a System View to Use Saved Query record A CRM view which was created as a system view. These are typically included with CRM out of the box or in other solutions. {null}
or pick a Personal View to Use User Query record A CRM view which was created as a personal view. {null}
or enter FetchXML to Use Text A CRM query represented by FetchXML. If you copy and paste it from CRM, make sure to remove all the line breaks before you paste it in or CRM may cut off the text and the query won’t be valie. {null}

Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Mean Decimal The mathmatic average of the set of numbers.
Median Decimal The number in the midpoint of the data set. If there’s an even number of data points, it’s between the two most center items.
Highest Number Decimal The largest number in the series
Lowest Number Decimal The lowest number in the series
Standard Deviation Decimal The standard deviation of the items in the data set, if n > 1.
Number of items in Data Set Whole Number Returns the number of items in the data set. This includes values of 0 but not null values.