Reported Issues

If you have any issues using Workflow Elements, I’ll do whatever I can to get it straightened out. Check out any reported issues here and if you encounter one not listed, please report it with as much detail as possible.

Outstanding Issues

There are no outstanding issues.


Resolved Issues

05/29/18 – Bug 16 – Issue: Email – Attach Document doesn’t properly set the output parameter for ‘Document Has Been Attached’

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 2.2.0

05/01/18 – Bug 15 – Issue: Fetch aggregate queries don’t return values for Money fields. This started with v. when addressing Bug 13.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 2.0.0

10/08/17 – Bug 14 – Issue: When running a relative query with just a N:N relationship, receive an error.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 1.1.1

8/11/17 – Bug 13 – Issue: When using a FetchXml query and using an aliased column header, the values don’t show in that column.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in

6/15/17 – Bug 12 – Issue: Boolean fields don’t display in the result from “Audit – Get Last Update”

Description: When an audit table is generated, it doesn’t include display values from Boolean fields.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 1.0.5.

Additional Information: This was similar to Bug 7 below. I made some changes to the formatting that’ll handle all fields more consistently and verified this with various types of fields.

6/14/17 – Bug 11 – Issue: “Date – Convert to Custom Text” is one hour off on Time Zone Independent fields.

Description: With a time zone independent field, getting the display time is one hour off in some situations.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 1.0.5.

Additional Information: CRM didn’t originally have a GMT time zone so users had to select ‘(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London’. This was incorrect some time as that time zone recognizes Daylight Savings Time. I added GMT as an option and this is working again.

6/14/17 – Bug 10 – Issue: Error selecting “h” on “Date – Convert to Custom Text”

Description: When you have a date time field that is configured as Time Zone independent, an exception is thrown (Input string was not in a correct format.)

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in 1.0.5.

Additional Information: All datetime formats with a single character (h, H, m, M, t, z, etc.) were failing. Not sure why it started happening with the newer releases but it has been fixed.

6/13/17 – Bug 9 – Issue: Date activities fail with date only fields.

Description: Date activities Get Date Components and Get Custom Text fail trying to parse a datetime field from CRM (like Birthday).

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release 1.0.4.

6/1/17 – Bug 8 – Issue: Audit – Get Last Update error if no fields were audited.

Description: An error can occur if the audit entry is an Update with no values – this will happen if an entity is audited but you only change fields which are not audited.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release 1.0.3.

6/1/17 – Bug 7 – Issue: Audit – Get Last Update tables don’t display dates

Description: When a table is generated for audit details, pre and post date values don’t display

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release 1.0.3.

2/3/17 – Bug 6 – Issue: “Math – ” activities give error in CRM 2016

Description: When attempting to add one of the math activities in CRM 2016, an error is thrown immediately.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release

11/9/16 – Bug 5 – Issue: Query for Single Value, “Did the query return a value?” is always false

Description: When using a query on Query for Single Value, the property “Did the query return a value?” returns False regardless of the number of records.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release

Additional Information / Workaround: There are two workarounds

  1. If you need to check if a value was returned you can check one of the properties returned, like “Query Result as Decimal”. It needs to match the first column returned in the FetchXml, so for a standard advanced find that’s going to be the ID of the record so you’d check “Query Result as ID”.
  2. Instead of Query for a Single Value, use use Query for Table or Query for List with the same query and check the “Number of Results in the Query” property to see if that’s greater than zero.

8/26/16 – Bug 4 – Issue: Query for Single Value fails on some return values

Description: When using a FetchXml query on Query for Single Value, when you return an ID then an exception is thrown.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release

8/23/16 – Bug 3 – Issue: Get Date Parts returns values in UTC

Description: Get Date Parts returns the date parts in UTC

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release 0.9.3.

Additional Information: All date time input parameters come in as dates in UTC and the workflow activity is taking that at face value.

8/23/16 – Bug 2 – Issue: Format Date Time doesn’t return a result

Description: The activity ‘Format a Date and Time’ does not return results.

Status: Fixed. This has been fixed in release 0.9.3.

Additional Information: When I implemented the fix for Bug 1, I didn’t retest this activity thoroughly. The result isn’t being set.

8/12/16 – Bug 1 – Issue: Error selecting some activities in CRM 2016, Online

Description: In CRM Online Update 1, when you select an activity it immediately gives a Business Process Error – System.InvalidCastException. This impacts ‘Query for Table’ and ‘Format a Date and Time’.

Status: Fixed. A version ( has been released which will allow you to use the methods with slightly reduced functionality.

Additional Information: The issue is related to importing a solution which has an option set field as an input parameter, which has a default value specified. Everything works correctly without the default value, and I’ve found you can re-save the workflow activity in the plugin registration tool and that will fix it as well. I’m still working on getting this resolved correctly and will open a ticket with Microsoft.

In the meantime, I removed the default values for for 2016/Online ( activity Format a Date and Time because they weren’t really needed. The Query for a Table method needs so many configurable values for the styles, I hardcoded the styles and removed the configuration aspect. If I left them then all of the colors would have been pre-selected as the first item in the list and the grid would’ve been very difficult for the user to select colors that’ll turn out right.