Date – Add or Subtract

This activity takes a datetime field and lets you add or subtract any amount of time from it. Out of the box CRM lets you set fields to a modified date but you can’t use it in a workflow.

Usage Examples:

  • You want to set a reminder to 60 days from now, 61 if it’s a Sunday. You would use this activity to get a date of today + 60, check if it’s a Sunday (using Date – Get Date Components) and if so, use this again to get modified date + 1.

Input Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Default
Date to Modify Date Time The datetime that will be altered.
Unit Option Set The units which you want to use to manipulate the date (Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute)
Number Whole Number The number of units that you want to modify the date by. Use a negative value to subtract time.

Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Modified Date Date Time The original date altered by the number of units set on the input parameters.