– Query – Get a Table (Default Styles)

This documentation is for versions and older. Please return to the home page for the latest documentation.

This activity allows you to query CRM for a data set and get the results back as HTML or CSV so you can insert the table into an email, task, or other entity. This activity uses the default styles for a simplified user experience.

The query can either bring back all records (ex: all orders), or you can limit it to records related to whatever the workflow is running on (check out this post for more details).

Usage Examples:

  • When a customer pays an invoice, get a table of their products to include in a receipt.
  • If a paid invoice has a product marked as Shippable (custom field), get a table of the shippable products and create a task with that information to fulfill the shipment.

Input Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Default
Include Header for Table? Boolean Indicates if the Header row should be rendered. Header column names are based off the query results. True
Header – Make Font Bold Boolean Indicated if the header text should be bolded True
Pick a System View to Use Saved Query record A CRM view which was created as a system view. These are typically included with CRM out of the box or in other solutions. {null}
or pick a Personal View to Use User Query record A CRM view which was created as a personal view. {null}
or enter FetchXML to Use Text A CRM query represented by FetchXML. If you copy and paste it from CRM, make sure to remove all the line breaks before you paste it in or CRM may cut off the text and the query won’t be valie. {null}

Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Query Results (HTML) Text The table results, formatted as HTML based on the default styles. This can be used for emails but won’t render correctly when used in non-HTML fields like Description on a Task.
Query Results (CSV) Text The table results with no special formatting. The cells are separated with a comma (,) and rows with a line break. This should be used when for non-HTML fields like Description on an activity or more other text fields.
Number of Results in the Query Whole Number The number of results in the query.