– Sales – Add Product to Invoice

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This activity lets you add a product to an open invoice.

For existing products, set the fields “Product to Add and” and “Unit of Measure”. You can override the price (and set Is Price Overridden) by setting Price per Unit.

For a write-in product, set the fields “or Write-In Product Name and” and “Price per Unit”.


  • Have a workflow create an invoice for a customer and add X products to it with this method.

Input Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Invoice to Update Invoice record The invoice to add the product to
Product to Add and Product record The product to add to the invoice. Required for non-write in product.
Unit of Measure UOM record The UOM to be set on the invoice detail. Required for non-write in product.
or Write-In Product Name and Text The name of the product if you’re using a write-in product. Required for a write-in product.
Price per Unit Currency Required for write-in product. If you set this amount for a non-write in product, it will set the write-in price for the existing product.
Quantity Decimal The quantity for the detail record
Manual Discount Currency The manual discount amount to set on the line item
Tax Currency The tax amount to set on the line item

Output Parameters

There are no output parameters.