Big Changes coming to Workflow Elements

First, thank you to everybody who has downloaded Workflow Elements. Building this tool has been a real labor of love, and while I enjoy the work that goes into it, seeing people using it to help their organizations brings me a great deal of pride.

Second, I’m working on bringing Workflow Elements to App Source. This has been on my to do list for months but I’ve started my own business and this project had to take a back seat to some of those new responsibilities. Thankfully everything is running smooth now and I’m able to spend some time pushing this project forward again. The process of getting listed on App Source can be long but my goal is to get this listed by CRMUG Summit.

Third, I will regretfully be discontinuing Workflow Elements for older versions of CRM. I lost access to my old CRM environments and can’t justify the costs to buy hardware to support a free tool. I will continue to distribute Workflow Elements for CRM 2011/2013/2015 but will not be able to offer any updates to those versions.

These changes offer a great opportunity to quickly build new features. By only having to support the most recent version of Dynamics 365, I have the opportunity to leverage new messages only available in the CRM 2016 / 8.X SDK. This will let me quickly build new features that can take advantage of new functionality that Microsoft seems to be adding by the day. I’ll also have a higher level of confidence in the product by only having to test one version of the code (instead of 3 or 4 as I’ve had to in the past).

Thank you for your using Workflow Elements, and as always, tell me how I can make it easier for you.

Aiden Kaskela

3 thoughts on “Big Changes coming to Workflow Elements

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