The real cause of a misleading Learning Path error

I recently configured Learning Path for a client and received an error every time I tried to write any content:

“The CRM Organization is not configured to open Learning Path authoring tool. Kindly get in touch with your system administrator.”

No matter what I did, every time I’d navigate to Settings -> Learning Path, I’d see the same error, taunting me:

learning path error

I went through the security settings a few times and verified the steps – Authoring was enabled, the users were in the right security group, etc. Everything looked good so I turned to Google, and of course Google hadn’t even heard of that one!

learning path google

Finally, I went back to the original Microsoft documentation and saw a prerequisite that was left out of the non-official blogs I had been referencing:

  • Have opted in for Learning Path. This setting is on by default, but can be turned off. 

To turn Learning Path on: On the nav bar, click the Options icon > Opt in for Learning Path.

Yes – I did this to myself. I previously opted out of seeing the Learning Path material when I use Dynamics 365 and as a result I couldn’t even open the Learning Path authoring tool. The most frustrating / biggest time suck of this is that Learning Path was pretty adamant I was missing a setting on the Organization that needed to be updated, instead of something I could update right on the same page. With this quick change made, I was able to begin authoring content.

I hope this helps you save time (or at least comes back in a Google search for somebody with the same problem). Enjoy!

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